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Discussion 7: 2018-14-07: The Exhortation To Laodecia. Examining  Yahushua  Melchizedek’s last urgent appeal to the remnant living in the very end of the last days, for serious and honest self-examination of our spiritual condition .

_____________________________________________________” is an exhortation looking to the biblically prophesied coming Redemption and Restoration “in that day” that will be accomplished by the Heavenly King of Kings who is Yahushua Melchizedek (The King Of Righteousness) , YHWH’s Great Servant Redeemer and Shepherd, according to the mandate given Him as declared in Isaiah 49:5-13.

Grace, Joy and Peace in the perfect love of our Redeemer YHWH of Hosts, the First and the Last, (Isaiah 44:6), who is Yahushua Melchizedek, as prophetically testified by Moses, the Biblical Prophets and the Apostles.