Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek (And Its Implications For Identifying The Appointed Times In 2014)

By | March 2, 2014

This paper presents a synopsis of principles from my research and study over many years concerning the identification of the true biblical calendar and which I trust will help others in their studies and understanding of this subject and subsequently to identify the annual biblical calendar in faith of Yahushua Messiah’s demonstration.

The major statement of this paper is that, given the full biblical and historical evidence now available to us it is Yahushua Messiah  ALONE who only has the biblical authority over the biblical worship calendar today, through His post-resurrection office as High Priest of the Melchizdek order..  No-one else has any biblical authority to set or proclaim the biblical calendar of YHVH, regardless of what religious orthodoxies they are. His behavioural example is thus highly significant.

The implications of understanding exactly who carries the true Divine authority over the biblical calendar today (as outlined by Moses in Leviticus 23) are both radical and profound to any who are sincerely concerned and called to prepare for the redemption and return of YHVH’s faithful remnant elect in the last days.

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Please note: No claim is made in this analysis that the biblical calendar as presented is a conclusive  “Thus saith YHVH” statement.  It is simply my best attempt to analyse and understand the timing of the biblical calendar from all the evidence gained from the testimony of scripture, ancient archaeological history and astronomical data and how it stands apart from religious orthodoxies. 

 I understand that the biblical calendar has been “hidden” by YHVH in accordance with the exilic judgements of the House of Jacob (Deut 32:20), and yet is today being progressively revealed from Heaven above as the remnant is being led home.  I am confident that Divine revelation will be increasingly given in the coming days until we see the fullness of the restoration of YHVH Messiah to be resident with His people, when He has restored to them His the covenant “millennial reign” land as prophesied by Ezekiel so long ago.

Take care and be encouraged in the faith of Yahushua our Messiah