Where Are We? From The “Hebraic Roots Movement” To A Last Days “Yahushua Movement ” (Audio)

By | May 5, 2014

MP3 Audio Presentation: A reflective discussion with Boaz and Rob, where we review and “take stock” of our walk through the so-called “Hebraic roots movement” over the past 20 years, and where we find ourselves today and from our conviction, what will be the expression of the remnant in the soon coming days.

The discussion touches on biblical prophetic oracles and lessons from a historical movement from the  middle ages struggle of  the faithful in the 13th Century, (unknown to many today), but which laid the foundations on which the great “Protestant Reformation” was brought forth   – which all give clues as to why we expect a coming distinct apostolicYahushua Movement” (as a humble phrase) to begin to emerge which will be spiritually beyond the “Hebraic Roots Movement”  because of its singular uncompromising dedication to Yahushua Messiah alone as YHVH’s  appointed Redeemer and Shepherd of  Biblical Israel who are yet in the  Great Exile scattered in the Nations .

This last days “Yahushua Movement” will not only distinguish itself as completely separate from all forms of Christian replacement theologies, as the so-called “Hebraic Roots Movement” has done, but will not be compromised by the “Hebraic Roots Movement’s” predominant religious worldview that has emerged from the influence of “Messianic” teachers who have desired emotional and religious fraternity, unity and identity, with the teachings and customs of the orthodoxies of Judaism (both Pharisee/ Rabbinic and Karaite) which yet despise Yahushua’s Name, stand against His biblical authority and His biblical mandate as YHVH’s declared set-apart Redeemer of biblical Israel (Isaiah 49:6-7), and are opposed to The Apostles witness that Yahushua was raised from the dead on the third day by the Almighty Creator YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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Praise His Name!