Scriptural Authority In The Redeemed House Of Jacob (Audio)

By | June 9, 2014

The study of the Hebraic heritage of the faith is a matter quite different from the so-called Hebraic Roots / Messianic religious “movement” which is a religious expression that has been “nudged” towards to syncretistically embracing a rabbinical worldview and rabbinic eschatology, the fruits of which is evidenced by the number of its leading commentators who have called for the “movement” submit to the authority of the coming Rabbinical Sanhedrin, its doctrines and its envisaged temple, as an expression of their interpretation what the restoration and unification of the houses of Israel ought to be and the numbers of Hebrew Roots affiliates  formally disavowing Yahushua as YHWH’s Redeemer, and converting to Rabbinical Judaism over the past years.

However the matter of scriptural authority over of the redeemed House of Jacob is very clearly and specifically placed in the sole biblical authority of Yahushua Messiah, the Holy One of Israel.  In contesting the Apostolic authority and testimony, a rabbinically influenced Hebraic roots / messianic “movement” can be described as an eclectic theological overreaction to the error of the religious polemic that exists between historical Christianity at one pole and Rabbinical Judaism and the other, both of which actually present a polemic of opposing and competing replacement eschatological theologies which can be readily proven to be in-congruent with the written scriptures (Genesis to Revelation).

Fleeing from the theological errors of historical Christendom, to then choose  a theological position of submission to Rabbinical authority on the opposite pole, is a tragic error especially given the emerging ecumenical relationship between historical Christendom and historical Rabbinicalism in these days.  (This growing eclectic ecumenicalism clearly demonstrates that religious elites are clearly socially engineering the new religious worldview through a process of Hegelian synthesis of these two poles of the polemic to form something of a new religion, of which the coming Rabbinical – Roman temple that will be raised in Jerusalem in the near future has already been recognized and protected under special UN legislation.

Those who are part of the Hebraic Roots /Messianic  “movement” who hold faith in Yahushua Messiah and His Divine authority must carefully consider whether they need to reposition themselves in the context to biblical authority. The biblical situation is either is either acceptance of the authority Yahushua Messiah or submission to a  Rabbinical Sanhedrin. In the same way as authentic evangelical Christians are finding themselves having to understand their own position in the growing trend of embracing an  ecumenical relationship with Rome.  To this end all who are in Yahushua Messiah must hear the call of Heaven at this time which is: “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4).

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