The “Israelologies” Of Historical Christendom and Historical Judaism Versus The Authentic Kingdom Gospel Of Yahushua And The Biblical “Israel Of YHWH” (Audio)

By | June 16, 2014

In this discussion Boaz and Rob explore how the religious polemic of Christendom through Rabbinicalism both present non-biblical Israelologies.

Israelology is the area of theological study of the identity and prophetic declarations of the redemption of Israel, YHVH’s people. It is important to understand that as one’s doctrines of “Israelology” go, so does one’s perspectives and interpretations of prophecy goes, since the theologies of “Israelology” are intimately related to the various understandings and interpretations of prophecy which characterize the doctrines of the two orthodoxies and the continuum of the full range of denominational religious persuasions that exist between them. A false “Israelology” is a clear sign that one is held captive by the erroneous polemic of Historical Christendom and Rabbinical religions of men.

When the “Israelologies” of Christendom and Rabbinicalism are considered in the context of what is written in Moses, the Prophets, Yahushua’s declarations and the Apostolic testimonies, the conclusion once again is that the redemption of YHVH’s people (Redeemed Israel) is a matter that can only be understood outside of and separate from the religious worldviews which characterize the polemic religions of Christianity and Judaism along with all their sub-stream denominations (biblically called their “daughters”).

From this discussion, it is hoped that the hearer may see something of how both sides of the orthodox polemic proclaim non-biblical “Israelologies” which are constructed specifically to favour their own identity and justify their own control over the “Kingdom of Heaven” and to subjugate the Word of YHVH.

Thus by carefully comparing their “Israelologies” with what is written in the scriptures we see once again that it is only by coming out from Babylonian religious polemic that we can place ourselves in a position to rightly discern biblical prophecy of the last days.

In conclusion, the watchman warning is that it is precisely because of the non-biblical “Israelologies” of Historical Christendom and Rabbinical Judaism that many denominations and individuals are being (and will yet be) deceived in these days into eschatological positions that may be anti-Yahushua Messiah and His mandate. Unless one is able to discern, recognize and repent from non-biblical “Israelology” and come entirely out of “Mystery Babylon” one may be deceived into accepting a soon-coming apostate global ecumenical religion, which heralds an apostate redemption narrative, and is controlled by a religious leadership (priesthood) which are in direct rebellion against YHVH’s declared prophetic Word. Thus, it is through our own ignorance of YHVH’s Word that one end in a theological position which is at enmity with YHVH’s biblical redemptive plan in the last days.

In the Book of Hosea, YHVH warns that not only are His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, but those who willfully choose to reject gaining true knowledge of His Word, He will reject from being a priest unto him (Hosea 4:6).   So we must study and discern this important matter of biblical “Israelology” that we may be approved to rightly discern His Word and to ensure we are ready to stand on the right side of the “Elijah” line in the coming days!

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