Prof Rachel Elior – Public Lecture At The Divinity School, Chicago University on The Ancient Faith of The Zadok Priesthood And It Has Been Obliterated From Judah’s Religious Memory

By | August 28, 2014

This lecture is a must listen – it summarizes much of the information presented by Prof Elior in her book entitled “The Three Temples” in a way that is easily understood.

This public lecture by Prof Rachel Elior, (Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Jewish Mystical Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) was given recently as a visiting scholar to the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. Prof Elior presents a very definitive lecture on how the ancient documents of the Qumran library testify to the ancient Zadok Temple Priesthood, their principles of faith and how their spiritual worldview dramatically contrasts with that of  Rabbinical Judaism.

For those seeking clarity and truth on the ancient history of biblical Israel, especially in regards to the biblical calendar, the Maccabean period and the 160 years immediately prior to the coming of Yahushua Melchizedek are extremely significant to understand precisely how the Pharisee/Rabbinics gained hegemony over the second Temple and exiled the biblical, lawfully constituted Temple Priesthood, ultimately resulting in a new “Judaism” which was consolidated over the subsequent 300 years after the destruction of the second Temple.

It is my personal  conviction that the revealing of the Qumran documents to the greater public domain is in truth a Divine herald and a last days Divine prophetic exhortation to the remnant of both houses of biblical Israel.    I am convinced that Prof Elior, being a leading Jewish scholar of Jewish religious thought,  is presenting a message that not only calls Rabbinical Judah to examine their religious foundations but also calls the rabbinically influenced “messianic” and “Hebrew roots” movements to do the same. The result of a true examination of all the facts in the light of all the biblical scriptures will be a single conclusion to those who really seek Divine Truth – all evidence will point all once again to the identity of Yahushua of Nazereth being the  Melchizedek High Priestly Order of heaven and earth, and being the Lamb of YHVH that takes away the iniquity of remnant biblical Israel..

Given what we read in the biblical prophecies, I expect this last days herald of the ancient Zadok testimony will soon convict Judah once again in these very last days, to hear the testimony of John the Baptist who called all to repent and prepare for the coming of the Lamb of YHVH.  This is because of John’s biblical heritage was the last High Priest from the House of Zadok (of the biblically legitimate Aaronic order over the ancient Temple Priesthood) and to hear once again John’s proclamation of the biblical identity of Yahushua Melchizedek.

As the prophets declare – and so all Israel will be saved – a deep spiritual repentant re-awakening in the remnant of the House of Judah to the historical identity and ministry of John the Immerser and his message, (who was declared by Yahushua to be a spiritual shadow type of the Elijah that was prophesied to come to preceed the Redeemer of YHVH, the Teacher of Righteousness and King of Biblical Israel who restores all things…) together with a deep spiritual  repentance to biblical truth in the remnant of the House of Israel to finally “come out of her”  will result in the birth pangs of the  new redeemed nation which is ultimately born through an exodus from out of the nations of the world, that will be greater than that which occurred in the time of Moses from ancient Egypt…

To hear the lecture click here , or to download the audio file right mouse click the link and save the file to your device:

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Grace, confidence and joy in the Name of Our Heavenly Father, The Elohiym of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!