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By | August 20, 2014

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 Lord Yeshua, Born The Fulfilment Of The Seed Of High Priest Zadok Of The Aaronic Priesthood, And The Seed Of King David, According To The Flesh!

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In this discussion we overview the Davidic and Zadok heritage of Yahushua Melchizedek, YHVH’s Great Redeemer, through his mother Miriam, and how this heritage is part of His lawful earthly qualification of the office of High Priest of the Melchizedek order. This human heritage, together with His Divinely begotten heritage from His Heavenly Father lawfully constitutes  His Heavenly High Priest Melchizedek order (an order of service that is eternal having no end ).  Understanding how His unique  human priestly heritage forms an integral part of the qualification of the promised redemptive physical seed of Eve which is able to lawfully stand against the serpent, serves to increase our grasp of the complete confidence that is given to the Redeemed of YHVH,  when the true biblical definition of YHVH’s Gospel of the Kingdom is fully understood and accurately proclaimed.

In the course of the discussion we consider what the written Law of Moses and the Prophets declare concerning the Zadok priesthood and how the biblical writ exposes the ancient-modern Talmudic Rabbinical Pharisee mythologies of the Zadok priesthood.  Despite archaeological evidence, it becomes clear that these mythologies were historically constructed because of vested religious interests to discredit any biblical authority to  the Zadok priesthood being acknowledged throughout Judah’s ancient-modern rabbinical religious memory, in much the same way that Yahushua Melchizedek and the Apostles have been historically discredited.  In brief,  the Rabbinic mythologies of the identity and history of the  Zadok priesthood  proclaims that the Zadoks were 1) the  Sadducees (which they were not) and 2) that they were Hellenistic imposters of the authentic Aaronic order (which they were not).

In contrast to the Rabbinical mythology, what is actually written in the Law of Moses and the biblical Prophets concerning the Zadoks’ ancient historical past and their prophesied future of priesthood service in the coming messianic millennial era, paints a very different picture.

When the Rabbinical proclamations are examined in the light of what is actually written in scripture and with the Zadok’s own primary resource documents (miraculously preserved for us today in the Qumran library), all Rabbinic conclusions (together with the opposite polemic of orthodox Christian proclamations on who the “Essenes” were),  are immediately exposed to have no biblical ground whatsoever, and are but religious attempts by both side of the polemic to distort, mystify, and cover up, with the motivation to both justify and maintain their own religious hegemony of the Kingdom of YHVH through their constructed eschatologies! Even the final releasing of the Qumran scrolls suffered under the greatest academic scandal of the 20th Century – being kept secret from the public for 6 decades !    Indeed Yahushua declared that the Kingdom of YHVH would suffer violence from the agendas of religious men, who through the centuries have worked to impose corrupt replacement systematic theologies to ensure their ownership and control over the Kingdom and biblical truth, with the goal being the continued enslavement of YHVH’s people.

The revealing of the Zadok testimony in these days is thus no less than a Divine miracle and “last days” trumpet blast from Heaven above.  The call now is to all men who claim to follow YHVH,  to carefully examine the foundations of their theological presumptions and to repent where it may be found that such presumptions have added to or taken away from what is written in the Word of YHVH.  It is the Book of Hebrews that exhorts even the last generation to make every effort to enter into YHVH’s millennial “Rest” that is appointed for His Redeemed!

This discussion presents a brief overview of substantive principles found written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets concerning the Zadok heritage. These being that the Zadok priesthood :-

  • Are direct descendants of the line of Aaron, qualified by Divine covenant to make acceptable blood offerings before YHVH.
  • Have been Divinely given an eternal (without end) covenant of intimate high order service to YHVH.
  • Will be restored to complete their service in the coming millennial reign,  where only they will attend directly to YHVH’s “Table” .
  • Will hold a singular distinctive and authoritative ministry to the Redeemed Nation in the millennial messianic era, to be YHVH’s judges, teachers and ordained declarers of what is profane and what is set apart, what is clean and unclean, and (contrary to religious calendars proclamations of men), they will declare the Divine worship calendar.

The discussion concludes with the exhortation to renew our vision of the true biblical Gospel of the Kingdom of Yahushua Melchizedek, which He has called us to faithfully proclaim to all the cities across the globe where exiled biblical Israel has been scattered to this day.  It is vital in theses last days  that we make sure we carry an accurate biblical understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom and what the prophetic scriptures actually reveal concerning the process of how Yahushua Melchizedek’s lawful redemption and birth of the millennial called-out righteous nation will unfold, for in these last days many traditional  eschatologies are already being increasingly found wanting and falling very short of truth. Failure to properly know and understand biblical eschatology  may cause a great many to become disillusioned and stumble in their faith when the time of the birth pangs begin…

Much is to be gained therefore if we have proper understanding of Yahushua Melchizedek’s authentic Gospel of the Kingdom , to be the witnesses to it that we are called to, in obedience of our King’s command.  Not only that but we will also be personally blessed by such understanding in 1)  to be able to pray that we will be found worthy to stand in the coming dark days, and 2) increased personal confidence with clarity of vision , and  3) our spiritual gift of discernment will be strengthened to keep us from the deceptions and shortcomings of the range of  confused “kingdom theologies” and eschatologies that exist across the divide of the historical Rabbinic-Roman Christian religious polemic.

A true biblical understanding of YHVH’s Gospel of the Kingdom renews our joy and strengthens our spiritual ability to hear how we are being called to prepare to be part of the  “wise virgins” that Yahushua Melchizedek prophesied would arise in the last days.   He prophesied these “wise virgins” would be enlightened by having enough “oil in their lamps” to guide them in their  necessary final preparations that will enable them to be ready for His gathering Angels,  immediately before the coming of our Great Redeemer-King, Yahushua Melchizedek, who will cover them under the “shadow of His Wings” in that day of great darkness and judgement that is fast approaching the kingdoms of men.

Glory and Praise to Yahushua Melchizedek, The Great Redeemer of YHVH, who comes in the Name of YHVH to “restore all things”!

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