The Continuity Of Biblical Authority From Moses To Yahushua Melchizedek and His Authoritative Deputation Of His Apostles

By | October 14, 2014

Today there appears to be an increasing number of disparate teachings emerging across streams of the so-called “Messianic movement” reflecting an increasing eclecticism (or a confused mixture) with either Rabbinic or Karaite theology (or both),  which in different ways and degrees distort the biblical authority of  Yahushua as the (Melchizedek order) Messiah to both houses of Israel, and thereby also undermining the authoritative testimony, witness and teachings of Yahushua’s appointed  Apostles.

I am persuaded that the heart of this matter is the issue of who has  biblical authority today and that many are either confused about what scripture reveals concerning which authority the believer is to stand under in these days in regard to biblical teaching, or there is a deliberate attempt to change our biblical authority to something that is not begin openly defined,  as it seems to be indicating a subtle rejection of the authority of the Apostles  in favor of a submission to either Rabbinicalism or Karaitism,  all in the name of “unity”,  reconciliation or restoration, or what is considered right in the eyes of the “majority”.

This development has also been influenced by the pervading “zeitgeist” of the world today, which is humanist existentialism. This view of the world maintains that each individual is the centre of their own existential world in regard to the definition of truth (and therefore making each individual authoritative – as a god) and consequently objective truth no longer exists or can be ascertained.  In this postmodern society truth is now seen as something that is subjectively and relatively defined as society continues to evolve and develop its own laws and morality governing socially acceptable behaviour.

Consequently when it comes to discussion or teaching of “truth” even in the so-called “Messianic Movement”,  matters often rapidly descend into disagreement, conflicts and ultimately the declaration of  “your opinion” versus “my opinion”, or  (at the academic theological level ) the “opinion” of the Apostles versus the opinion of the “Sages” (i.e. the Rabbis). Today, very few are thinking carefully and weighing what is being taught and whether it is in accord with or against the Apostolic witness and instructions for the righteous congregation.  It seems that what is increasingly popular from teachers in the “Messianic Movement” appears to be the “opinion of the Sages” rather than the Apostles, which are then used to reach certain specific conclusions. But when these conclusions are evaluated in the light of the Apostolic testimony significant differences emerge – consider for instance the teaching of some Messianic Jewish teachers that there are two brides – Judah is the bride of YHVH and the Church is the bride of Yahushua!

In this discussion we consider what the scripture teaches concerning the continuity of our biblical authority today towards defining precisely who we should be listening to in regard to matters of biblical doctrine.

It is a very important matter that should concern every sincere believer in Yahushua Melchizedek in these days.

Yahushua warned his people in the last days need to be very alert and to take every care that biblical truth is not compromised to the point that they would not be found worthy to be able to stand before the Son of Man when He returns. In Isaiah 51:21, we read that once before YHVH used the metaphor of a drunkenness as a judgement – a drunkenness that was not from wine but from being given over to intoxicating deceptive false teachings.

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