What Calendar Did Moshe Keep – What is the “Ancient Path”? (Published Nov 2012)

By | November 2, 2014

(This article first published under the old web site in 2012 is being relinked again here, by request.)

Given that Moses prophetically pointed to Yahushua as the prophet that YHVH would raise up to His people like unto him (Deut 18:15; Acts 3:22; Acts 7:37), it follows that if Yahushua did not sanctify a lunar month based calendar by His observation of His last Passover and Unleavened Bread celebration, then there should also be similar evidence that Moses did not give instruction in his law for the observation of a lunar based religious calendar that was being observed by the Temple. Scripture witnesses to Yahushua being the Messiah of Israel and the perfect Son of YHVH, and that He did not break, nor was found guilty of any breech the Law of Moses.

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