(Updated) The “Melchizedek” Biblical Solar Calendar Dates for 2015 – And How To Calculate This Calendar Yourself In The Coming Years (If We Have No Internet!)

By | March 6, 2015

As several requests have been received asking for the “Melchizedek biblical solar calendar” High Days for 2015, and in the event that we may not have the freedom of the Internet to share this kind of information much longer, the first part of this article is the 2015 calendar dates. In the second part is an overview of the principles required that will enable you to work out the calendar by yourself in the coming years.

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The first column in the chart (on the left hand side) shows the biblical days of the week in relation to the weekly Sabbath 7 day count, and you will see that the blue colour highlights the weekly Sabbath on each 7th day of the week.

Where day 4 comes in is that in Gen 1:14-19 we are told the luminaries were created on the 4th day of the biblical week, thus (in accord with the Zadok testimony of the calendar) when the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere) is observed, although it is the 1st day of the new biblical year, in terms of the biblical week and the weekly Sabbath it is always counted as day 4 of the biblical week (according to the precept of Genesis 1:14-19). Thus one has but to count another 3 days to find the biblical weekly Sabbath . In other words the 1st day of the biblical year is always to be seen as the 4th day of the biblical week. This is the revelation form the Zadok testimony.

In other words, what the Zadok priesthood teach us is that the solar year began on the day on which the heavenly luminaries were created, and the weekly Sabbaths always occur on fixed dates and always on the same day of the biblical week which can be found by counting another 3 days from the observed occurrence of the Equinox (Day 4 of the week. )

According to Prof Elior, (P 45 “The Three Temples”)

 “the beautiful, harmonic, mathematical calculation underlying the solar year, which according to (Zadok) priestly tradition derived from divine origin , are enunciated in detail in 1 Enoch 72:32,74: 10-12; 75:2, 82: 6; 2 Enoch 13-17, 41-8; Jubilees 6:23-28; (in the Dead Sea Scrolls documents) 4QMMT A II-III; Psalms Scroll 11 QPs XXVII, 2-11, mention of these principles may also be found in the Temple Scroll, The Damascus Document, The Scroll of Priestly Courses, ad The Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice”

 The amazing thing is that when these two principles 1) The identification of the day of the beginning of the new biblical year and 2) the identification of the weekly biblical Sabbath are put together as in the chart I have produced, one can quickly see how all the festivals work out very precisely with the biblical festivals even testifying every year to Yahushua’s “sign of Jonah” and in the precisely same arrangement every single year.

What may also be seen is how the 7th day of the Feasts of Tabernacles falls out on a weekly Sabbath which to my understanding is a picture of the conclusion of the final 7th millennial age of man with the next day arising on a new millennial week – or as it has been described as the beginning of the 8th day and the mark of YHVH’s new creation of heaven and earth, with the new Jerusalem from above.

I hope this will go some way to clarifying the matter and reducing confusion.

Blessings In Yahushua Melchizedek



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