(Audio Discussion Series) What The Ancient Zadok’s Prophesy Concerning The Greater Exodus Redemption Of YHWH’s Remnant in The Latter Days

By | September 23, 2015

This is a three part audio discussion on significant prophetic statements by the ancient exiled Zadok priesthood that we discovered in our studies this past year in the Dead Sea Scrolls and how they amplify and clarify (but do not change) the written prophetic narrative of the process of significant events  that will unfold affecting the redemption of YHVH’s remnant in the last days..

This audio series lays a strong foundational ground for understanding the written biblical prophetic narrative, much needed today to help protect one from increasing deceptive “prophetic teachings” that are causing great anxiety amongst sectors of YHVH remnant faithful.

Not only this, but there are pertinent prophetic revelations recorded by the ancient Zadoks which greatly help us to be able to better discern the increasing volume of false prophetic declarations in this day that “scatter the flock” and in the worst case will cause some to follow a path to their own destruction.  We can only but expect the volume of false prophecy will continue to increase even more in the coming days… for it is a time of testing the over-comers.

But YHVH promised that when the enemy comes in like a flood, He will raise up a standard…the ancient Zadok testimony (Qumran scrolls) presents just such a standard for the flock in these last days when they are discerned in the context and light of the existing written Word of YHVH!

Remember that our Heavenly Father promised His people that He has not given them a spirit of fear, but a spirit of Love, Joy and a sound mind. Praise YHVH that in the midst of increasing global collapse and tribulation today , we can know  His peace and have strong confidence that our Great Redeemer will accomplish His mandate in the coming days to gather His sheep from the four corners of the earth.

When carefully examined in the light of the biblical writ, the Zadok testimony confirms the written testimony of the biblical prophets and Yahushua Melchizedek and is also grounded in the shadow types revealed in the Law of Moses, …  but they detail an eschatological process which is not recognized across the the streams of the western “religious polemic” of Rabbinical Judaism through Christendom, and is at variance with popular prophetic perspectives and proclamations being promoted in certain streams of the contemporary Hebrew roots / messianic Jewish movements.

Part 1: Investigating the prophetic credentials of the ancient Zadok testimony. Click here to download:

Part 2: Exploring some significant Zadok Prophetic teachings in the light of the Written Word. Click here to download:

Part 3: Understanding the Zadok perception of the Prophetic Narrative of The Greater Exodus And Its Association With The Victory Of The “Sons of Light”. Click here to download: