Worksheet For The 2016 Biblical Calendar

By | March 24, 2016

(Download the pdf file at the bottom of this webpage)

Several  have emailed me to request I publish the biblical calendar for 2016.  I have been hesitant  to do this for several reasons I explain below, but mainly because it is best for others who are keenly interested to learn to work this out for themselves given I have placed a lot of info from my research in this area on the ITD website over the past few years to help.

But the requests from many is that they have indeed worked it out but now want to confirm how if they have managed ok, so now  I am uploading my worksheet of the 2016 biblical calendar to assist those who want to compare their calendar workout . This is a pdf file that can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.

I do hope is that all who are sincerely interested in the subject  will be able to learn how to do this for themselves, as I know from my own experience of discovery – it is only when one begins to prayerfully and actively seek to do this that it is in the doping (and searching out) that YHVH brings understanding…   Aside from motivating all interested to be confidently able to work it out for ones self (especially if there is now access to the internet), there are other reasons that I prefer not to publish a biblical calendar, which I would like you to understand.

Firstly, I do not wish to unduly influence anyone or start a calendar movement, or create emotional arguments with any  who are religiously dogmatic about their versions of a lunar or solar calendar. The ethical call of the scripture is to study a matter out with prayer and due diligence, seeking revelation from above,  such that each individual be fully persuaded in their own minds.

Secondly, for over a decade, because I had worked to form some fellowships, I initially would work out what I thought was the biblical calendar for those years. At first (as we were just beginning to understand the biblical festivals) , as I was influenced by Messianic Judaism’s proclamation of the Rabbinical lunar  calendar given that at that time all we knew was what was being promoted by leading speakers/publishers in that movement. With many leading commentators in the “Hebrew Roots” movement later challenging the Rabbinic calendar with the Karaite “Aviv barley” calendar, and not having access to the Zadok revelations nor the background of both scriptural and astronomical study information at that time,  I was subsequently persuaded that the “Aviv Barley” calendar appeared more biblical than the Rabbinic calendar. Again, in working the Karaite calendar out for a number of years, I became increasingly concerned of that calendar formula.

Gradually over the years, practically working out these calendars for our fellowship worship, I began to understand the shortfalls of these two lunar calendars. It is simply impossible for them to identify seasonal time correctly and in the case of the Rabbinic calendar, I discovered the dates for Passover successively moved into the winter season over a period of 3 years necessitating a full lunar calendar 13th month to be added every 3rd year.  This non-biblical intercalation error was caused me to look towards the Aviv Barley calendar (Karaite approach), because the barley harvest is at least be more accurately synchronised with creation’s seasonal time. However being a lunar calendar, the Karaite “Aviv” calendar would declare a leap year on the basis of any delay in the the observation of the Barley harvest in Israel…but when I experienced the Karaite’s  calling for an additional leap month to be added (i.e. the declaration of a leap year) in three successive years , the errors of the Karaite approach  became evident that the aviv ripening was not an exact  singular accurate indicator of the change in the timing of the seasons.

At the same time of that discovery, I was beginning to examine the astrophysics of our solar system with the aid of astronomical simulation software and this study immediately highlighted that something was seriously wrong with the claims of the “hebrew roots/messianic” movements theology of time keeping as being a reflection of YHVH’s creation’s clock.  It became clear that using the moon for time keeping calendars did not accurately relate to a true annual seasonal/agricultural (seasonal)  calendar, but falls significantly short of the solar year, requiring massive intercalations of a full lunar month every 3 years.

A basic study of the astrophysics of our solar system amply demonstrates that only the equinoxes could accurately honour the accurate synchronising of season time from one year to the next… and I then discovered the important biblical truth that  Gen 1: 3 had been mistranslated in many versions, but when properly understood expressly pointed us to the sun and the stars alone for the telling of time, not the moon.  (There are articles on the website about this study).

Thirdly, I discovered that only an equinox based calendar could accommodate both the biblical calendar rules of Leviticus 23, and the testimony of the Apostles regarding the timing of Yahushua’s last Passover, crucifixion and resurrection according to the sign of Jonah and also expose the very year of the occurrence of Yahushuah’s crucifixion (by the vital details of the Apostolic testimony which revealed a specific juxtaposition of the events of the Pharisaic lunar religious calendar with the Zadok solar calendar in relation to 1) Yahushua last Passover and 2) the very day of Yahushua’s crucifixion. Once again there is a study on this topic on the website – which reveals how the sun equinox  biblical calendar contrasted precisely with the Pharisaic calendar with just 1 day difference in the year of 30 CE, supporting  the authenticity of the Apostolic testimony that Yahushua indeed had his last Passover  ( and that it was not a ‘last supper” as  Christianity would have us believe, nor a law-breaker as the Rabbinic Pharisees would have us think) and He indeed implemented  the New Covenant with them at that last Passover, which was precisely one day prior to the Rabbinic Lunar calendar Passover celebrated in that same year.

Then a few months after that discovery, I was directed towards a study of the calendar of the ancient Zadok Qumran scrolls, ultimately clarified through a book published by Prof. Rachel Elior of Hebrew University, Jersualem and the revelation of the essential Zadok rules for identifying a biblical calendar that she stated pre-existed the Rabbinic lunar calendar (my summary study articles on this topic are also published on the website).  The revelation of the Zadok rules are, in my understanding, a true gift from Heaven for the last days remnant and indeed a profound  biblical miracle given that the academic scandal over the Qumran scrolls was that while they were discovered in 1948 they were kept under lock and key from public access for over 60 years!

Fourthly, the ancient Zadok revelation reaffirmed my conviction that the law given in  Numbers 10:10 – where only the priests ordained by YHVH’s Law have the authority to declare HIS biblical calendar – still stands to this day and as there has been no  temple priesthood since Acts 6:7 occurred (when the Zadok priesthood submitted to the Apostles and the new born congregation ). This is a strong sign that the remnant of Jacob is yet in the exile and has not yet been re-gathered.  The reinstatement of the true biblical calendar is prophetically declared to be when the Zadok priesthood is restored and reconstituted to their service in YHVH’s Millennial temple, prophesied in Ezekiel 44:15 through 24) .

Fifthly, based on the proclamations of scripture mentioned above, that according to the written Word of Numbers 10:10,  no-one today has an authority whatsoever to declare that their calendar is the authorized biblical calendar of YHVH,  and thus neither can I direct anyone to follow a calendar or make claim to any authority in the matter.  All I can do is share what information has been shared with me – and I have presented summary articles of the subject on the ITD website, so that anyone interested might be assisted in their own study.

Sixthly, whilst we are now confident that the ancient pre-rabbinci priesthood (Zadok) equinox calendar is established by observation of the seasonal positions of the sun the sun and the stars (and not the moon), and that according to Moses is YHVH’s creation ordinance by which the accurate measurement of time – especially biblical annual time for worship – may be ascertained.

At this point it is still probable that we do not have complete revelation about the calendar – given that the Zadok priesthood is prophesied to once again be the authoritative declarers of YHVH’s calendar in the millennial reign.  Thus none can be dogmatic that all the revelation on the  calendar issues has been given at this time.

For those who proclaim there must be an adoption of the Enochian 30,30,31  day month (per year quarter) need to observe our solar system’s astrophysics carefully as in this current age the orbital shape of the earth around the sun is more egg shaped than in the day of Enoch – as evidenced by the reality that the number of days days between the autumnal and vernal equinox and the vernal and autumnal equinox are not the same number – which mathematical results in the Enochian rule of  30,30,31 day month quarters formula simply does not work out in the current era and religiously using the Enochian formula today results in  a calendar that declares the Feast of trumpets too early in the year. This is compounded by the current 365.25 day solar year which means that in addition to the month day count errors, trying to use such a 364 day calendar in a 365.25 day year means the calendar will necessarily cumulatively fall to early by 1.25 days every year – meaning that somewhere along the line the will need to intercalated back to proper solar /seasonal time by at least a week every 6 years.

From all this information, it is clear that YHVH has hidden His biblical calendar, just as He said He would “hide my Face” from His people during the greater exile such that his sabbaths would no longer be polluted by the religious persuasions of a rebellious scattered Israel.  According to Ezekiel 44, it is a matter which He will  restore in the millennial reign.  It is amazing to me to see how He worked this hiding of His calendar by various strategies, including  even causing the earth’s orbit trajectory around the sun to be changed to be more elliptical (changing the solar year from 364 days in the time of Enoch to 365.25 days today ) which has made the search for the His worship calendar really difficult for millennia! And yet it is our generation that has revealed the ancient Zadok letters of testimony concerning the matter. Recall that the Zadok’s themselves prophesied that their instructions would be raised up again to the last generation remnant of the great return and restoration, whom they said would need the very information they were the custodians of, and was why they said they hid their books in the caly jars. As some hae said – the Qumran scrolls are a veritable time capsule….

Seventhly, it is clear to me that the recent revelation of the Zadok’s basic rules for identifying the calendar  are not meant for us to take dogmatic or authoritative positions about YHVH’s calendar, since the fact is that YHVH’s calendar belong to To Him alone. The fact that when we are now able to see it worked out there are few who are self-employed or retired that can observe His  calendar today because the biblical Sabbath only coincides with the Gregorian saturday approximately once in every 6-7 years . It seems the answer may well be that we are being shown very clearly that the greater regathering of the elect has not yet occurred.. and all are still in the exile in slavery to Egypt!  The majority of us have to work in the market place of the world order today – clearly strong evidence that the prophecies of the re-gathering of the remnant have not yet come to pass. This is a very important revelation for our day given the eroneous theologies that some profess today concerning the timing of the last days restoration of YHVH’s redeemed people.

So what are we to do then?  Clearly most who are motivated  sacrifice their employment leave entitlements to observe the high days as best they can. But what of the weekly biblical Sabbath when as in the case of this year,  falls out on the Gregorian Wednesday?  The fact is that there is no reason why one cannot have fellowship meetings on the weekend days with others – but why would Abba reveal His biblical Sabbaths to be occurring on days which we cannot observe at this time because most of us have employment contracts and thus are yet slaves in Egypt?  I believe the answer is we are beginning to review a “preview” of the calendar as a preparation “get ready sign” of the  the imminent restoration of the last days remnant.  In a sense, He is causing us to begin to  yearn to be able to keep His Sabbaths, to be able to return to the ancient paths in a spirit of repentance from the rebellion of the ancient fathers of Israel who rebelled against His covenant –  and to yearn to be regathered to His kingdom so that we may keep His Sabbaths and know His restoration fellowship – see the promises of the prophecy of  Isaiah 56:1-7

To conclude  – what are the foundation  Zadok precepts for identifying the biblical calendar ?

For the sake of those who have not yet studied the articles on the ITD website, they are:

  1. the first day of the biblical year is to be found on the (observed) day of the equinox – not the difference between the mean sun mathematical (formula) estimates of the occurrence of the equinox, which we see on the and the actual day of occurrence of the equinox which is ascertained by sundial observation.
  2. The identification of the biblical week (and subsequently the weekly sabbath) is identified by counting day 1 of the biblical year as the 4th day of the biblical week – i.e. count another 3 days from the day of the beginning of the year and you find the first weekly Sabbath of the year.


And what if you do not have a sundial, or haven’t learned how to use one, or there are cloudy days and you were unable to verify the occurrence of the equinox on your sundial ?

  1. Go to this web page and download and save or print out the mean estimates of the occurrences of the equinoxes at the Jerusalem longitude for the next 20 years.

  1. Remember that we are not using Greenwich mean time – for instance in GMT time, New Zealand is approximately 11 hours ahead of Jerusalem, but when looking at biblical time New Zealand is 12 -13 hours behind Jerusalem. Know your time difference with zero time being the Jerusalem longitude.
  2. Remember that the equinoxes published on such website and calendars a mathematical average calculations – called means sum estimates – and are not true sun observation times. Thus if you see the equinox occurrence estimated as occurring during daylight hours then you can reasonably be sure that the actual sun observation would occur on that day listed. But if the time is listed as occurring during the night hours then you can be confident that the actual equinox by true sun observation on a sundial would be occurring the next day – for example have a look at the 2019 equinox values from the website listed:
2019     20 Mar    11:59 p.m.

As the mean sun estimate (average calculation) of the occurrence of the equinox is estimated to occur 11.59pm at night on the 20th March 2019, it is  probable that the accurate true sun observation of the equinox in Jerusalem, as observed by sundial would probably still be on March 2oth 2019.  However, if the mathematical mean sun estimate time was indicating as occurring after midnight, then we would expect to see the real sun observation on the sundial occurring on the 21st March (the next day).

 To download my worksheet on the 2016 Biblical calendar click the link below:

2016 Biblical Calendar Worksheet