Audio Series – The Contemporary Prophetic Narratives of the “Minor” Prophets

By | March 29, 2017

Using the biblical precept that there is “nothing new under the sun”, and that “which has been, will be again“, this audio discussion series explores the contemporary prophetic narratives that the “minor” prophets appear to warn us about,  concerning the redemption judgements and promises that will take place at the closing of this age.

Part 1: Amos – The judgement of Israel and its restoration at the end of this age

Part 2: Obadiah: The judgement of Esau at the end of this age

Part 3: Jonah: Mercy for the repenting Gentiles

Part 4: Micah: The judgement of Samaria, Jerusalem and its leaders and prophets

Part 5:  Nahum: The judgement of the Assyrian and the fall of Ninevah

Part 6: Habbakuk: The punishment of YHWH’s people by the Chaldeans

Part 7: Zephaniah: The Prophetic Event Signs that immediately precede the Great Regathering of YHVH’s Redeemed Remnant 

Part 8: Haggai: The Building of The House of YHWH

Part 9: Zechariah: The Heavenly Melchizedek Era – the coming Millennial Kingdom 

Part 10 :  Zechariah: The Visions Of Zechariah 

Part 11: Zechariah and the Contemporary Signs In The Heavens

Part 12: Zechariah and the Blessing Of The Two Houses Of Israel

Part 13: Zechariah: Unfolding Events Concerning The Redemption of The Remnant of The House of Jacob and The Coming Millennial reign

Part 14: Malachi: Treachery, Judgement, And Prerequisites Of The Return Of The Remnant To The Millennial Melchizedek Age (Now available for download 5/04/2017)

This discussion series is now complete