Audio Discussion Series – “Looking To Bozrah”

By | June 11, 2017

A discussion series exploring what the scriptures call our attention to regarding the end of the age promises of the protection and redemption of YHWH’s remnant which is well reflected in the prophetic narratives of the little “Bozrah” sheepfold and in the biblical prophets’ descriptions of global events at that time.

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Discussion 1. Introduction: 2017-28-05  The Coming Heavenly “Wonder” Sign And The Exhortation Of The Apostle James 
In this discussion we consider 1) the current times we find ourselves in and 2) the “Wonder Sign” (highlighted by Comet  45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova) that will be appearing in the heavens on 23/24 September 2017 and how this sign not only points to Rev 12, but also to the Apostle James as a prophetic letter of exhortation to the last generation of the great return and restoration.

Discussion 2. 2017-06-04 The Biblical Description of The Bond Servant In A Context Of The Contemporary Collapse Of Institutional Religion
In this discussion, first Boaz examines the biblical definition of a bond servant, and in the second half Rob directs attention to the contemporary context of the collapse of Institutional Christendom

Discussion 3. 2017-06-11 The Epistle Of James (Yacov) As An Epilogue Exhortation To The Redeemed Remnant Living In The “Last Day’s ” Global Context
This discussion explores the Epistle of James’ exhortation to pray for (Divine) Wisdom as the premier need of the remnant who is called to “overcome” in the last prophetic episode of the 6th Day.

Discussion 4. 2017-06-24 Defining A Biblical Eschatology From Isaiah (Chap 24-27)  Of Global Events That Occur At The End of The 6th Millennium, When YHWH Rises With His Right Arm To  Preserve And Redeem His Remnant People, Who Will Rejoice And Sing When He Protects Them Through The Birth Pangs And Gathers Them Into His Covenant 7th Millennium Age.

Part 1 – In this part Boaz lays the foundation of the discussion by presenting a scriptural overview that clarifies that the Law of YHWH  is still very much in effect,  and has not “passed away” as is proclaimed by historical and contemporary Christendom.

Part 2: In this part, Rob presents an overview of Isaiah 24-27 as a detailed and comprehensive biblical eschatology of the time when YHWH rises to judge global civilization, and He remembers His Remnant and gathers Them from all corners of the earth and which challenges the constructed pre, mid and post tribulation rapture theories.

Discussion 5. 2017-07-02  Exploring The Apostles James’ Exhortation To Seek “Wisdom” As A Special Injunction To The Last Generation. 
In this discussion we consider how the scriptures define “Wisdom”,  especially in regard to Yahushua’s prophetic parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins which are symbolic of the last generation that must prepare for the Great Return.

Discussion 6. 2017-07-09 Mystery Babylon Emerging – Latest News On The Pope’s unusual Press Statements On The Recent G20 Meetings with implications to the Temple Mount and Syria:

Part 1: Mystery Babylon Emerging – Rome And the Temple Mount

Part 2: Mystery Babylon Emerging – Rome , Syria and The “Gog-Magog” War

Discussion 7.
2017-07-16 What does Enoch and The Apostle James Together Exhort The Remnant in The Last Days?
The Apostle James exhorts the remnant to seek Divine Wisdom and practice true faith based in doing righteousness (justness) which is ethical behaviour based on YHWH’s Law principles of Divine Justice.   Enoch, prophesying of the conclusion of this age declares that the “just one” will arise from sleep, and wisdom will arise and be given them..and then (when the Holy Elohiym comes forth) the roots of injustice and those who contemplate oppression and revile will be cut off…

Discussion 8. 2017-07-30 What Does The Apostle James Teach Us About Personal Status In The Redeemed Congregation
Historically, normal life in both secular society and religious institutions is characterized by the respect of different social values in society. However, the Apostle James instructs that this is not permitted in the life of the Redeemed Congregation where all are to be treated with precisely the same measure of respect and worth, no matter what the individuals’ accomplishments, abilities, wealth or social status.

We do well to note such distinctive differences in the biblical instructions to the functioning Redeemed Community that will inherit the prophesied millennial reign of Yahushua.

Discussion 9. 2017-08-6 The Apostle James’ Instruction That “Faith without Works is dead”
In this discussion we explore the meaning of The Apostle James’ statement and that faith and (righteous) works are the definite character of a true faith, just what he means by “works” and that the Apostle Paul did not contradict James’ teaching.

Discussion 10: 2017-09-24: Understanding the highest application of the Apostle James’ description of the evil tongue points to the false religious doctrines and philosophies of contemporary global civilization.
In this discussion we consider a last days  prophetic narrative of Jame’s teachings on man’s destructive “tongue”  in the  context of the Heavenly Sign of Sept 24 2017.

Discussion 11: 2017-10-01: The Apostle Peters’ paramount exhortation concerning the Divine Election of those who are redeemed by their faith and obedience to Yahushua Melchizedek – the greatest truth that mitigates against emotional feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and hopelessness in a last days collapsing world.

Discussion 12: 2017-12-7 : The Test Of Faith In The Last Days.   (1 Peter 1:6) . The Apostle Peter whilst exhorting the first generation of the Redeemed congregation similarly encourages the last generation remnant who will see the coming of the Kingdom :

“Wherein ye greatly rejoice though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through major temptations”… 

This is the concluding discussion to the “looking To Bozrah”discussion series which has been our focus through 2017.  Our next discussion theme will focus on Yahushua’s specific exhortations to the last generation as recorded in the Book of Revelations  instructions to the 7 congregations.