Audio Series – Exhortations To The Last Days Remnant In The Letters To The Seven Congregations

By | March 8, 2018

In this audio discussion series we consider the specific exhortations the letters to the seven congregations in Rev 2 -3 have to the last days remnant in the context of the whole biblical prophetic narrative of the Last Days Redemption process.

Discussion 1:  2017-12-7 : The Exhortation to Ephesus. (This discussion was the last one we did in the “Looking To Bozrah”series where our attention began to turn to Yahushua Melchizedek’s exhortation to the Congregation of Ephesus.  The discussion was entitled  The Test of Faith in the Last days”, and can be streamed/downloaded here.

Discussion 2: 2018-09-02: The Exhortation to Smyrna This discussion considers the last days exhortation presented to the congregation of Smyrna.

Discussion 3: 2018-08-03: The Exhortation To Pergamos

Discussion 4: 2018-09-04: The Exhortation To Thyatira     The promise to those who heed the call to repent from the doctrines of Jezebel (come out of her my people) is that they will be protected from the great tribulation that is coming upon the world of deceptive religion(s) which have enslaved the world.

Discussion 5: 2018-29-04: The Exhortation To Sardis.  Wake up! Our work is not complete!  Does scripture tell us as to what in fact is the work determined for the last generation that is not yet complete?

Discussion 6: 2018-18-05: The Exhortation To Philadelphia. Examining the conditions of Yahushua’s promise that He will keep us from the hour of trial that comes to test the whole earth.

Discussion 7: 2018-14-07: The Exhortation To Laodecia. Examining  Yahushua  Melchizedek’s last urgent appeal to the remnant living in the very end of the last days, for serious and honest self-examination of our spiritual condition .