Audio Series: The Constitution Of The End Time Congregation Of YHWH AND The Way Through The End OF The Age

By | December 7, 2018

In this audio series we explore what lessons the scripture tells us about what Our Heavenly Father teaches (and expects) of  the remnant living in the “end of the age world ‘where civilization is completely collapsing into a dark occultic “new world order”.

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  1. Introduction – Are we in The “Times of Noah”?
  2. The Foundation And Authority Of The Spiritual House At The End Of The Age (in the time immediately before the gathering and not yet in the Millennial Reign Era).
  3. The Function and Purpose Of The Spiritual House
  4. The Instruction To The Remnant In Relation To The Biblical Calendar
  5. The Great Creation Clock And The Biblical Ages Of Man


6. Creation’s Testimony And Ezekiel’s Eschatology Of The Coming Exodus

7. The Awakening To A Biblical Eschatology In The Last Days

8. The Religious Character Of Ancient Egypt At The Time Of The Exodus

9.  In The Days Of The Return Of The Destroyer

10. The Ancient Description Of The Destroyer

       11. The Second Witness To The Events Of The First Exodus

       12. A Contemporary Astronomer’s Warning Of The Destroyer

       13. The Spiritual House of YHWH Continued Introduction To The Daily Sacrifices

       14. The Spiritual Call To The Remnant At The End Of This Age

       15.  The Meaning and Call Of The Daily Spiritual Sacrifices For The Last Generation

       16. Epilogue (Of This Discussion Series)