An Interview With A Sister – Liliane From Belgium

By | May 19, 2019

Very recently we met Liliane who lives in Belgium.

Liliane follows Yahushua Melchizedek (halleujah!), and shares a little of her testimony and spiritual convictions she experienced which have lead her to heed a call back to “the ancient paths” – a journey which has taken place over the past few years.

It was encouraging both to meet with her and to attempt to answer her questions she sent to us as best we could according to our understanding (we do not claim to have all the answers!).

Not only did Liliane bless us with her testimony, but her experience confirms each of our own individual experience of the real spiritual calling one experiences as all of us are being called out of Mystery Babylon, one by one. Her testimony confirms that the calling that has been happening is the same for all of us, though we have uniquely different lives, countries and circumstances….. it was a “wake up” call!

…. Such was the promise of our “Good Shepherd” for His Remnant flock.

Click here for the interview with Liliane

Blessings In Yahushua!