The Shadow Type Lessons Of The Places Where Israel Camped In The Exodus

By | June 5, 2019

In this audio discussion series we recall the major places where Israel camped during the first Exodus and consider how the names of the camps reveal shadow type prophetic lessons which appear to have:

  1. predicted how the generations of biblical Israel would walk through the historical ages of the gentiles from the first Exodus until today, whilst at the same time,
  2. highlighting specific lessons for the last generation of the great return (1 Cor 10)

Part 1: The Instructions of the Passover As The beginning of The Exodus Redemption

Part 2: The Exodus Narrative Types: From Ramses To Sukkot

Part 3: From Sukkot To Baal Zephon

Part 4: From Baal Zephon To Marah

Part 5: From Marah To Elim

Part 6: From Elim To The wilderness (Manna)

Part 7: From Wilderness Mana To Rephidim

Part 8: Leaving Rephidim and Amalek

Part 9: From Rephidim to Horeb – The Conditional Covenant Of The Regathering

Part 10: Mt Sinai – Remember Before Whom You Stand

Part 11: From The Wilderness Of The People To The Wilderness Of Jerusalem