Understanding The Fig Tree (Matt 24:32-35) – Part 1

By | January 20, 2020

In Matt 24, Yahushua gave detailed prophetic signs that heralded the destruction of the Herodian Temple and also those that would herald the end of the current age of man.

Yahushua presented many prophecies warning of the end of the age,  including inter-nation wars and rumours of wars, but since His resurrection there have been countless inter-nation wars and rumours of wars, with WWI and WWII being the greatest global conflicts yet experienced.

So to identify the correct time of His proclamations , He gave the parable of the “Fig Tree”.  When we take a closer examination of what the scriptures tell us about the “Fig Tree”,  once again we find that what has been traditionally proclaimed by Christendom as being the “Fig Tree” is in fact misleading, and this goes a long way to explain why, whilst being sincere in our attempts,  our expectations of the unfolding of eschatology have not been fulfilled to this time.

Whilst this has caused many to become increasingly disillusioned with biblical prophecy, we who yet trust the testimony of the Apostles and continue to seek biblical discernment of the times of prophetic fulfillment need to go back and re-examine what has been misunderstood. It cannot be that the prophecies are false, but rather that our understanding of their timing has been incorrect.  Yahushua clearly stated that the precise day and hour of His return cannot be known, but He gave the parable of the “Fig Tree” as THE sign of historical time or period that correctly identifies when the end of the age prophecies will begin to unfold.  If we are to “discern the times”correctly, we must be careful to be more biblically definitive in what Yahushua was actually pointing to by His parable symbol of the “Fig Tree”.

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