The Heavenly Signs And Their Narrative (2011-2023)

By | August 10, 2020

This series highlights significant heavenly signs I have noted over the past decade, and concludes with the significant narrative of a “non-periodic” comet that is approaching our solar system and which will be closest to earth in mid 2022 through 2023.

Part 1: An audio file – Introducing precepts of a Biblical Astronomy 

Part 2 : Video File – Introducing a Biblical Astronomy (Continued) 
This is a video file which should open in your browser if the link is clicked. If you wish to download the video and run it on your device then right click the link and chose “save link as..” and save it to a folder in your device.

Part 3: Video File – The Heavenly Signs And Their Narrative (2011-2023)
This is a long video (1hour 54mins), but there is a lot of information that needed to be presented with continuity for better overview and easier understanding.  My presentation could be much better, (my apologies) but resources of time is inadequate, and my non-professional video making expertise has its limits!