Keeping Your Health While In Lockdown – An Interview with Nikki Howard

By | October 19, 2021

Today we have an interview with Nikki Howard from New York State, USA,  who presents both a testimony of her discovery and return to a Biblical Faith and a ministry of exhortation and teaching to keep safeguarding our health during these extraordinary trying times.

Nikki has also recently completed a book (now being published) of her spiritual journey of discovery through the lessons of Biblical Truth, that have brought her out of the deceptions of denominational religion. This book is a significant help (a study aid) for the Remnant who are being individually called out in these days,  sensing a great personal last days invitation to get up and return back to our Father’s House.

If you are interested to get a copy of her book, Nikki may be contacted through her 


Interview with Nikki (click here)


Meeting Nikki Howard CAHP,CNHP,CHS
Helping You Find Your Wellness

 I am a wife, mom of three homeschooled children (two in college), beekeeper, naturopath with certifications in Herbalism and Homeopathy. I am also a certified instructor and facilitator of a lymphatic drainage technique called Xtract. However, my passion is research and teaching.

Abba also had me start a ministry called The Red Egg after our governor passed a law whereby babies could be aborted up to birth. I think our group really started when I began to realize that the “God” of the Old Testament did not match with the “God” of the New Testament. The researcher in me started to dig! My two verses He had given me were 1 John 2:27 and Jeremiah 15:19: Therefore thus saith YHWH, IF thou return, then will I bring thee again, and thou shalt stand before me: and if thou take forth the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth: let them return unto thee: but return not thou unto them”

For years I kept asking Him, “what do you mean return unto you?’ I kept saying, “I never left. I don’t understand?” Well, obviously , I understand it now. I had done away with the law, sabbaths, etc like every denominational Christian. We had been going to a local church for many years and when the pastor left, we stayed during transition but as you have said, my questions were not appreciated. I would ask questions and the response was “We focus on holiness, ” so we started church shopping and ended up at the other end of the spectrum with another local denomination church, (not long there either), then ended up in a home church for a month ( they basically came out of the contemporary “church” but discarded the old testament). And so we left from there too.

In January of 2019, we started doing a bible study with another couple via zoom. Then our kids would come home from college and join us and our son’s best friend who was a youth leader in a local church was treated poorly and so he and his wife left and ended up joining us. It was just us for awhile and we started studying books of the bible but Abba was drawing me out and I realized I was to dig and find the truth and write it down. It was a very painful process. Every new truth just would make me angry at the lies I discovered we had been taught. I went down ALOT of rabbit trails. I kept asking, “How many more are there?”

It was January 2020 and I remember Him putting a book in my hand about the Sabbath and He kept saying “Number your days” I started with studying the sabbath, the calendars one by one, going backwards looking for truth. It was a burning desire to know what He meant. My husband was so mad at me. “Which day is the Sabbath now.??” ( LOVE that man!! ) I went from Sunday, to Saturday, to Luni-Solar, then in despair back to Saturday because I had not found the key until Abba had let me struggle enough. ( I believe I needed to walk through it so I can actually understand and talk about those calendars) I don’t remember how it happened but Abba led me to your website and to hear the Truth!!! It was like the man who found the pearl in the field!!

So we actually started following your podcasts as a group. Another dear friend joined us as she had been walking and listening to all my revelations and having her own as well. So that is our group. Unfortunately, our young couple moved to South Dakota but they still skype with us every week.

Through all of this, I have written and just finished a book! It is at the publishers and through my mother helping me with the flow of the book (as it had been written in pieces over two and half years), she also is seeing the TRUTH, praise HIM!! I don’t know what Abba will do with it but we will see. It is focused to help the average Christian in the pew, presenting a walk through some significant contemporary doctrinal lies and giving the tools the sincere seeker of Truth needs to study the scriptures for yourself.