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Psalm 19: On Calendrical And Eschatological Matters….The Divine Speech and Knowledge In The Heavens.

This week we consider the proclamations of Psalm 19: 1-6, in relation to an email received from “Alan” who is yet another “last days” inquiring student of the scriptures, grappling with uncovering the truth concerning the biblical calendar…. 1 ¶ «To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.» The heavens declare the glory of Elohiym;… Read More »

Is Paul A True Or False Apostle?

Over the centuries many theologians across the polemic have declared Paul to be a False Apostle, an Impostor to the true faith and even an Anti-Christ.  Our discussion is a brief overview of why Paul is indeed a True Apostle, when understood with proper exegesis of the whole of scripture, who was respected by Apostolic… Read More »

Jeremiah 25 – The Judgement Of The Nations

Jeremiah 25 is a Prophetic chapter that relates to the last days redemption narrative and promises to Yahushua’s People, who will be redeemed from slavery and gathered to His promised land. Jeremiah declares a global war involving Jerusalem and ALL the nations of the World, as they are caused to drink from the wine cup… Read More »