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The Heavenly Signs And Their Narrative (2011-2023)

This series highlights significant heavenly signs I have noted over the past decade, and concludes with the significant narrative of a “non-periodic” comet that is approaching our solar system and which will be closest to earth in mid 2022 through 2023. Part 1: An audio file – Introducing precepts of a Biblical Astronomy  Part 2… Read More »

Understanding The Fig Tree (Matt 24:32-35) – Part 1

In Matt 24, Yahushua gave detailed prophetic signs that heralded the destruction of the Herodian Temple and also those that would herald the end of the current age of man. Yahushua presented many prophecies warning of the end of the age,  including inter-nation wars and rumours of wars, but since His resurrection there have been… Read More »

Enoch Chapters 80-82: A Foundational Authority On Holy Time

Enoch is a hard read to understand – but a careful reading in the light of the written prophetic biblical Word reveals that Enoch gives powerful testimony to creation and the biblical 7000 millenia of man. Enoch presents specific prophecies concerning the unfolding of events affecting the earth and the remnant at the time of… Read More »