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An Interview With A Sister – Liliane From Belgium

Very recently we met Liliane who lives in Belgium. Liliane follows Yahushua Melchizedek (halleujah!), and shares a little of her testimony and spiritual convictions she experienced which have lead her to heed a call back to “the ancient paths” – a journey which has taken place over the past few years. It was encouraging both… Read More »

Audio Series: The Constitution Of The End Time Congregation Of YHWH AND The Way Through The End OF The Age

In this audio series we explore what lessons the scripture tells us about what Our Heavenly Father teaches (and expects) of  the remnant living in the “end of the age world ‘where civilization is completely collapsing into a dark occultic “new world order”. (to download the audios click on the filename link with the right… Read More »

Q&A Discussion On Some Zadok Teachings

An online discussion addressing some interesting questions and concerns that Marijke (from the Netherlands) had with certain Zadok teachings she was reading (in the Dead Sea Scrolls). Audio File:   Q&A Discussion On Some Zadok Teachings Please Note:  To download the audio file use the right mouse button on the audio link, and choose “save link… Read More »