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Audio Discussion Series – “Looking To Bozrah”

A discussion series exploring what the scriptures call our attention to regarding the end of the age promises of the protection and redemption of YHWH’s remnant which is well reflected in the prophetic narratives of the little “Bozrah” sheepfold and in the biblical prophets’ descriptions of global events at that time. Download the audio discussions… Read More »

Audio Series – The Contemporary Prophetic Narratives of the “Minor” Prophets

Using the biblical precept that there is “nothing new under the sun”, and that “which has been, will be again“, this audio discussion series explores the contemporary prophetic narratives that the “minor” prophets appear to warn us about,  concerning the redemption judgements and promises that will take place at the closing of this age. Part… Read More »

A Zadok (Qumran) Prophecy – The Remnant of Ephraim Will Forsake False Teachers In The Last Days

The following audio discussion (in 4 parts) is inspired by this Zadok prophecy, which is in full accord with the biblical prophets and the prophecies of Yahushua. It explores some significant biblical precepts that assist us in developing the spiritual gift of discernment necessary to identifying whether a teacher, or a teaching, is really a… Read More »