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The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test For The Ancient Biblical Calendar

In parchment 4Q329a, concerning the priestly service on the Passover, we find the Zadok priesthood have described a “checksum” test that authenticates whether a festival worship calendar schedule is in line with the ancient priestly calendar or not. Click here to download this article: The Zadok “Checksum Test”  

(Audio Discussion Series) What The Ancient Zadok’s Prophesy Concerning The Greater Exodus Redemption Of YHWH’s Remnant in The Latter Days

This is a three part audio discussion on significant prophetic statements by the ancient exiled Zadok priesthood that we discovered in our studies this past year in the Dead Sea Scrolls and how they amplify and clarify (but do not change) the written prophetic narrative of the process of significant events  that will unfold affecting… Read More »

Audio Discussion Series: Heeding the Call of the Breaker To “Come Out Of Her” And To Obediently Walk Into Bozrah

YHVH’s poignant commandment to his people (whilst given to every generation since the time of Yahushua Melchizedek’s earthly ministry – but especially to the last generation) – is to repent and come out of her (“mystery Babylon” ) my people, that you do not partake of her sins and consequently suffer her plagues (of judgment).… Read More »