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(Updated) The “Melchizedek” Biblical Solar Calendar Dates for 2015 – And How To Calculate This Calendar Yourself In The Coming Years (If We Have No Internet!)

As several requests have been received asking for the “Melchizedek biblical solar calendar” High Days for 2015, and in the event that we may not have the freedom of the Internet to share this kind of information much longer, the first part of this article is the 2015 calendar dates. In the second part is… Read More »

Prof Rachel Elior – Public Lecture At The Divinity School, Chicago University on The Ancient Faith of The Zadok Priesthood And It Has Been Obliterated From Judah’s Religious Memory

This lecture is a must listen – it summarizes much of the information presented by Prof Elior in her book entitled “The Three Temples” in a way that is easily understood. This public lecture by Prof Rachel Elior, (Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Jewish Mystical Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) was given recently… Read More »

Following Yahushua To Find The Feast Of Weeks – Part 3 of “Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek”

From the Apostolic testimony of  The Begotten Son of YHVH, Yahushua’s authoritative calendar related behaviour,  in the context the foundational solar calendar precepts from the Zadok Priesthood testimony of the Qumran Library and the calculation of days according to Moses Law (Leviticus 23), we find that this year the Feast of Weeks occurs on Tuesday… Read More »

Equilux Or Equinox? How Creation’s Testimony Debunks The Jerusalem Equilux As The Beginning Of The Biblical Year.

Equilux Or Equinox? How Creation’s Testimony Debunks The Theory That The Jerusalem “Equilux” (Occurring 16th March) As Opposed To The Equinox, Is The Sign Of Day 1 Of The New Biblical Year. Some advocate the equilux (the estimated day of equal day and equal night hours) as it occurs in Jerusalem is constituting Day 1… Read More »