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If you have been blessed by our site, please consider donating  towards our online and content development costs to enable us to continue this ministry.  We are using Stripe for internationally secure online credit card donations for most common credit cards, where your personal credit card details are not retained except for the direct gift transaction that you make.

You can click below to make your gift /donation here. Please note that the currency being used is in New Zealand  dollars (NZD).    To check your currency conversion rates click here.   After payment, please be patient as Stripe will report your payment success reference number at the top of this page, and will also email a receipt to your email address.


Should you prefer to use other transfer arrangements, please contact me at this email address:


Thank you for your grace and assistance to strengthen and grow this “last days ministry to “whomsoever will”, for these are the days of the fields becoming “white unto harvest” as many across the globe are awakening to the last call of our Heavenly  Father – a call that is found in Zec 1:3:

Thank you