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Audio 2022/08/18: Epilogue – Is The Great Gathering Near?

Calendar: The 2023 Gen 1:14-17  Creation- Solar-Stars Calendar High Biblical Days (as we understand it)

Audio 2022/06/29: Psalm 19: On Calendrical And Eschatological Matters….The Divine Speech and Knowledge In The Heavens.

Audio 2022/06/22: Psalm 18: The Song Of Victory!

Audio 2022/06/9: The Apostle Paul – The Great Resurrection Of The Dead and The Living In Yahoshua

Audio 2022/05/25:  Is Paul a True or False Apostle?

Audio 2022/05/18: Jeremiah 25: The Judgement Of The Nations

Audio 2022/03/15: Exploring Encouraging Messages In The Psalms

Article: The 2022 Gen 1:14-17  Creation- Solar-Stars Calendar High Biblical Days

Audio 2022/1/08: 2022 Where Are We?

Audio 2021/11/16: How Do The Prophetic Days Given By Daniel Relate To The Great Redemption?

Audio 2021/10/19: Keeping Your Health While In Lockdown – An Interview with Nikki Howard

Audio 2021/9/14:
What Biblical Signs Mark The Beginning Of The 1260 Days

Audio 2021/8/24: Understanding The Prophetic Narrative Of The 1260 Days Of Revelation 12

Audio 2021/5/3:   “The Last Call”  

The 2021 Gen 1:14-17  Creation- Solar-Stars Calendar High Biblical Days

Audio 2020/10/26: The Biblical Kingdom Of Heaven Coming In The Last Millenium ? Understanding What Is True – Discussion Series

Audio 2020/10/19: Understanding The Mystery Of Believer’s Baptism

Audio 2020/10/12:
Ephesians 1-2 Do We Know The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven?

Audio 2020/9/20: The “HEADS UP” Call Of Isaiah 40 – Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye My People!

Audio 2020/9/14: “Stand At The Crossroads And Look:

Audio 2020/9/7: Our Biblical Identity In Yahoshua Melchizedek (2013 presentation by Boaz)

Video 2020/8/10: The Heavenly Signs and Their Narrative (2011-2023)

Audio 2020/5/11: Yahushua – The “Miltha” of Elohiym (Aramaic Pershitta – The Physical Manifestation/Substance/Word Of YHWH)

Article: The 2020 Creation Calendar (Genesis 1: 14-16) As We Understand it

Audio Series 2020/2/021:What Is “The Gospel Of The Kingdom”- Discussion series

Audio Series 2020/19/01: Understanding The Fig Tree (Part 1)

Audio 2019/20/10 – Enoch Ch 80 to 82: A Foundational Authority On Holy Time.mp3

Audio 2019/08/04 – Psalm 83 – The Great Conspiracy Becomes Plain

Audio Series: 2019/06/05: The Shadow Type Lessons Of The Places Where Israel Camped In The Exodus

Audio Series:  2019/16/04 – An Q&A Interview With Sister Lilliane from Belgium

Article  2019/9/04 : A Psalms/Prayer Walk Schedule For The Counting Of The Omer

Article: The 2019 Creation Calendar (Genesis 1: 14-16) As We Understand it

Audio Series: 2018/12/7 – 2019:  The Constitution Of The End Time Congregation Of YHWH AND The Way Through The End Of The Age

Audio – Online Discussion: 2018/10/21:  Q&A Discussion On Sabbath Calendar In Yahoshua’s day

Audio – Online Discussion: 2018/08/30:  Q&A Discussion On Some Zadok Teachings

Audio Series – 2017/08/03 : “Audio Series – The Exhortations To The Last Days Remnant In The Letters To The Seven Congregations “

Article: Creation Biblical Calendar (Gen 1:14-19) For 2018 Festival Days

Audio Series – 2017/08/03 : “Looking To Bozrah”

Audio Series –  2017/4/27  – Who is the Authentic Historical Yahushua?

Audio Series – 2016-2017: The Contemporary Prophetic Narratives of the “Minor” Prophets

Article: Biblical Calendar 2017 – Day 1 and Weekly Sabbath (Zadok formula)

Audio – Tabernacles 2016:  Encouraging Reflections On The Prophetic Biblical Themes of Tabernacles

Article: The Zadok Priesthood’s “Checksum” Authenticity Test For The Ancient Biblical Calendar

Article: Worksheet For The 2016 Biblical Calendar

Audio  – 4 parts- 2015/12/10: A Zadok (Qumran) Prophesy – The Remnant of Ephraim Will Forsake False Teachers In The Last Days

Audio Interview 2015/11/24: The “lost” HNR Interview Now Available Here

Audio – 3 parts -2015/9/23: What The Ancient Zadoks Prophesy Concerning The Greater Exodus Redemption Of YHVH’s Remnant in The Latter Days

Audio –  2015/9/15: The Judgement of Jerusalem – A Preceding Prophetic Sign Of The Last Days Return of The Redeemed Remnant of Jacob – Isaiah Chapters 8-12

Audio – 7 parts  2015/7/23: Heeding the Call of the Breaker to “Come Out Of Her” And To Obediently Walk Into Bozrah

Article :  The “Melchizedek” Biblical Solar Calendar Dates for 2015 – And How To Calculate This Calendar Yourself In The Coming Years (If We Have No Internet!)

Audio – 2014/10/14: The Continuity Of Biblical Authority From Moses To Yahushua Melchizedek and His Authoritative Deputation Of His Apostles

Audio lecture – 2012: Prof Rachel Elior – Public Lecture At The Divinity School, Chicago University on The Ancient Faith of The Zadok Priesthood And It Has Been Obliterated From Judah’s Religious Memory

Audio – 2014/08/20:  Yahushua Melchizedek : The Implications of His Davidic and Zadok Heritage To Understanding His Complete Gospel Of The Kingdom

Article – Hosea 7:16 – They (Ephraim) return, but not to the most High

Audio 2014/07/05: The “Israelologies” Of Historical Christendom and Historical Judaism Versus The Authentic Kingdom Gospel Of Yahushua And The Biblical “Israel Of YHVH”

Audio – 2014/06/09 Scriptural Authority In The Redeemed House Of Jacob

Audio – 2014/06/02: The Scriptural Identity Of The Redeemed House Of Jacob 


Audio – 2014/05/05: Where Are We? From The “Hebraic Roots Movement” To A Last Days “Yahushua Movement ”

Article – 2014/04/15: Following Yahushua To Find The Feast Of Weeks – Part 3 of “Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek” 

Article: 2014/03/14:  Equilux Or Equinox? How Creation’s Testimony Debunks The Jerusalem Equilux As The Beginning Of The Biblical Year.

Article 2014/03/02: Exploring The Authority Of Yahushua Messiah’s Biblical Calendar, In His High Priesthood Order Of Melchizedek (And Its Implications For Identifying The Appointed Times In 2014

Article – 2014/01/04: Hold On To Your Calling – Psalm 37: (A Psalm of David)

Article – 2013/11/26: With The Exiled Zadok’s Historical Formula On The Identification Of The Biblical Sabbath Day Now Revealed, How Is It That Judaism’s Sabbath Occurs Neatly On The Gregorian Saturday?

Article – 2013/11/12: On The Coming Judgement Of The Moon…

Article – 2013/11/10: Jerusalem Post Article: “From The Sun To The Moon”

Article – 2013/01/26: How To Precisely Observe The Astronomical Equinox

Article – 2012/11/30: What Calendar Did Moshe Keep – What is the “Ancient Path”?

Article – 2012/09/30: What Calendar Did Yahushua Keep – Whose Report Will We Believe?

Audio – 6 parts 2010 :  Is Moses Calling Us Across Time?