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With The Exiled Zadok’s Historical Formula On The Identification Of The Biblical Sabbath Day Now Revealed, How Is It That Judaism’s Sabbath Occurs Neatly On The Gregorian Saturday?

In This Article: The Exiled Zadok testimony of the formula for identifying the biblical Sabbath is as follows: The Rabbinical Calendar in The Talmudic and Post Talmudic Years: No Historical Trace Record Exists Of The Actual Changes Hillel II Made To The Rabbinical Calendar (??) But Is There Circumstantial Evidence? Why Did The Rabbinic Pharisees… Read More »

On The Coming Judgement Of The Moon…

In This Article: The Prophet Isaiah And The Moon In the Time Of The Return OF Yahushua Messiah The Awakening From Deception in The Last Days Creation’s Rules For Accurate Time Keeping And Navigation Prove The Moon Is An Unreliable, Inaccurate Authority The Translation Of Genesis 1:16 The Ancient Testimony OF The Zadok Priesthood The… Read More »